Technology for the forgetful: how to find a lost thing.

 Some of our readers will probably remember a keychain that was sold in the 90s: in response to a whistle, it made a sound signal. There was even such a game - to throw him into the grass, and then walk and whistle until he is found. A modern and more advanced version of such a key fob is a bluetooth tracker - a device that helps locate an item.

What is a bluetooth tracker?

It is a small device that attaches to your most important belongings and allows you to find out where they are. There are trackers that look good on a keychain, and there are more compact options that can fit in a wallet.

Thanks to these simple devices, one day you will find a toy forgotten by your child, a phone with photos dear to you, a folder with valuable documents, a wallet or car keys.

How does bluetooth tracker work?

The tracker attaches to an item and links to an in-app account. Each device has a unique signature. Thus, the tracker and the application "recognize" each other, providing protection from strangers and reporting the location only to the owner of the item. The only exception is when the owner himself decides to grant access to another user so that he can track the tracker from his account. When you click on the corresponding icon in the application, the tracker starts to emit a sound. There are trackers with a reverse action, which allow you to send a call signal to your smartphone when you click on them.

The range of the bluetooth technology is small, within an apartment, since the presence of a GPS module would increase the weight of the device and increase battery consumption. But modern trackers are able to fix their location using the GPS function of a smartphone, sending data to it in the background. If the key fob is out of the bluetooth connection, you can see where it was last.

Thanks to the use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the device and smartphone consume little energy when working together. Depending on the tracker model, the battery can last from several months to a year. And a smartphone connected to the tracker can work all day without recharging.

How much does a bluetooth tracker cost?

On Chinese sites, the cost of the simplest devices starts at 100 rubles. These trackers are usually bought for pets. More expensive and high quality models have a longer range and greater autonomy. Their cost varies from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles.

Among the many manufacturers, Tile, Chipolo and Peblebee deserve attention. Explore, compare, read reviews - and you will definitely find a tracker to your liking.