Laser keyboard: a beautiful toy or a versatile gadget?

Today we often have to communicate and work from a smartphone or tablet. and whatever resolution the display has, long typing from a small screen tires the eyes, hands and neck. In addition, the printing speed is seriously affected. not so long ago, the market offered users an elegant and high-tech solution - virtual laser keyboards. Despite the apparent versatility of the device, it still has not entered widespread use, although it has acquired its own fans. Let's try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a laser keyboard .

How it works?

The keyboard itself is a compact device no more than 10 cm high. With the help of a projection and touch laser, an image of a classic full-size keyboard with Russian or Latin layout is broadcast on any flat surface. The device reads and analyzes all touches to the projection, and then transmits it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or USB port. The gadget supports simultaneous pressing of several keys and a typing speed of up to 400 characters per minute. Weighs no more than 80 grams and is designed for 150 minutes of continuous printing.

Thus, you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth at any time and comfortably print messages and edit electronic documents in any convenient place. This is a good purchase for those who love visually beautiful and unusual gadgets, have a small smartphone screen or a heavy laptop that is inconvenient to carry with them. However, before you please yourself or a friend with such a gift, you should weigh all the pros and cons so that the device does not turn into a useless toy.

Things to Consider

Working surface. A smooth matte surface is required for the laser keyboard to function properly. from a glossy table, the laser beam can be reflected, and any irregularities will distort the projection and make typing less comfortable.

Compatibility. Laser keyboard manufacturers strive to regularly release and update drivers for different operating systems and devices. But there is a high probability that a suitable software does not yet exist in nature for new models of smartphones. in this case, the keyboard will simply play the role of an unusual night light for you.

Lighting. The laser projection will be visible on the surface at illumination brightness up to 600 lux. By comparison, the European standard for office lighting is 300 lux for everyday office work and 500 lux for reading and writing. Daytime street light is many times brighter, so using the device outdoors is almost impossible. And why? Laser projection will look really beautiful in dim lighting or semi-darkness.

Psychological aspects. Without the habit of clicking and pressing buttons, some people find it uncomfortable to type on a laser keyboard. There is a need to double-check the correctness of typing, press the key twice, especially if you are used to typing quickly blindly. This is more a matter of habit, but this is what most often determines the convenience of this or that device for us.

What is the bottom line? The virtual laser keyboard is a visually beautiful and compact gadget that is easy to carry with you. Some of the nuances of working with the device for someone clearly outweigh the benefits. But it's all the same for you to decide: whether the laser keyboard will become a miniature indispensable assistant or just a beautiful trinket.

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