Is Outlets Still Relevant?

Many people are of the opinion that outlets are no longer of any use. This article will explore some reasons for this view and examine how they may be more relevant than ever before.

It seems like it’s been more than five years since outlets were first introduced to us. There was a time when everyone was excited about the potential all-in-one, never needing to buy new clothes or go out on an evening ever again. But now? Well, it seems like people aren’t too excited about them anymore. But why?

The actual reality is that outlets are just misunderstood. Whilst it may be true that clothes in outlets aren’t always of the highest quality or specification, the fact is that they do actually have a place in today’s modern wardrobe. Let’s take a look at their pros and cons and see if we can find ways to make the most of them:


Cheaper than High Street prices:

Often by quite a lot. It means we’re able to buy more without feeling guilty about how much we spent on one garment.


whilst you’re unlikely to find the latest design from the catwalk in outlets, they do frequently stock garments that are exclusive to them. For example, I was able to get a pair of jeans and a top from Gap and GapBody (a brand run by Gap Inc.) for under £30. I couldn’t have hoped to make my own outfit with those items for less than double that price if I’d bought them all individually through the High Street.

Good quality:

whilst it’s not usually of the same quality as clothes on the High Street would be, it is still higher than most things we find in discount stores such as Primark or New Look.

Clever design:

Often outlets do the smart thing, and create unique designs that might not be available on the High Street. These definitely add to their appeal.


By choosing to shop at outlets, we’re supporting our local economy and helping people get a job. Outlets must spend money on buying new stock for their shops, buying space in their shops and paying staff, so this is money going back into the local area which we could be spending on something else.



There’s nowhere really to go shopping in an outlet if you don’t like the item you tried on or just want a different style altogether. I’ve found that this is a significant drawback for some, as you can’t easily try on something else you fancy if it didn’t suit.

Limited availability:

Those who want the next big thing from the catwalk are probably better off going to a High Street shop or designer store where there shall be plenty of bits and pieces from the next season available. In an outlet shop you have to have a budget ready beforehand.

Limited choice:

On some occasions, I have had difficulties choosing what to buy because there isn’t anything I want enough to part with my money on. No matter how cheap something is, you can’t take it if you don’t like it.

Mismatched style:

If you want something really specific so that your outfit will match, there may not be an outlet with what you want to match your clothing with. This is why it might be better for those who are looking for a bit of variety to head towards the High Street instead.

Not all things are available:

Whilst many outlets offer shoes, bags and other accessories, some stores only sell clothes.

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