Why Is Everyone Talking About Wood?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the excitement and novelty of wood. But this all begs the question: don’t we already know a lot about wood? Is it really that special? Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to keep talking about wood! From its longevity to its sustainability, from its economy to its utility as a building material, from its strength to its beauty - gather up your questions and worries about wood and let's take them one by one.

What is so unique about wood?

The first thing you might notice is how abundant it is. Though it is the product of ancient coniferous trees, wood is, actually, not one but many. Through time, forests have been cleared and wood has been harvested from these dead trees for use in construction and industry. By now (in this day and age), most of the initial forest cover has long since disappeared. But...the importance of wood remains! Wood is not only present everywhere on earth - it dominates the natural world in many ways! Here are three different reasons why you should be focusing on wood:

1) Wood is plentiful. 

As the textiles expert Amy Stutterheim stated, “We're running out of materials faster than we're running out of oil today.” The world is becoming increasingly aware of the finite nature of our non-renewable resources. As these natural materials are used up, many people are looking for more sustainable replacements. Wood has been suggested as a material to which this title can be applied.

2) Wood is renewable.

The ability to grow wood makes it an extremely sustainable resource. It is often compared to other renewable resources like the sun and wind - both of which are now considered to be our most important sources of energy because they do not come with any real environmental concerns (the sun will continue to shine everyday, the wind will always blow). Using wood as a material requires virtually no energy, can be constructed with very little waste, and most importantly (in most cases) it is constantly available to help us survive and thrive!

3) Wood is lasting.

 It is true that wood may eventually become scarce, but we can also use it for multiple purposes: construction (to create buildings and structures), furniture (to create something to sit or rest on), and many other things. The ability to reuse wood has been given some attention by so many different organizations interested in sustainability practices. For example, there have been several studies done on how Lego bricks can be used as a sustainable building material. This idea has also been used on a much larger scale to create entire buildings! The ability to reuse it is really what makes wood so special. You can continue to use wood over and over again, even after the initial supply is exhausted, creating a sense of everlasting prosperity.

What are some ways people talk about wood? 

There are many different ways people talk about wood, but here are some of the most common responses:

"Wood is old." When people first start thinking about wood as more than just a simple material, they often refer to it as being old - this is because many have taken note of the fact that wood has been around for so long. In reality, there have been forests on this planet for hundreds of millions of years. But...even if we take out all the different species of trees and count them by their collective number alone...this still doesn't answer your question! Trees have been cut down and harvested for use since time immemorial.


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