Why You Should Not Go To Furniture.

I often see people looking for furniture at the mall. They are amazed by the good prices, thinking it'll be so easy to furnish their home with all these great deals. This is a big mistake. Furniture is expensive because it has to be made out of quality materials, and because it has to last for years without any parts breaking off or the wood getting scratched up. You can save money by shopping online or at one of many discount stores that sell used furniture, but if you really need luxury items like couches and coffee tables, you should go out to find them in person."

Here is an article about why you shouldn't buy furniture from...furniture stores. Below is a small selection of the feedback I got.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Furniture From Furniture Stores

By Steven Lazarowitz. The article above is an article about why you shouldn't buy furniture from furniture stores. Well I have a few things to say about that Steven. How much furniture can you fit in two backpacks? . They are still the same people that run them , they're just doing it because they can't afford to pay rent anymore. They have no other choice, because the landlords are now turning people away to make room for newlywed couples and newly opened furniture stores. I had a great experience with this company . I couldn't believe it . I don't know when they started doing business in Washington DC but they were so helpful and so friendly. They didn't act like they were too busy or too focused on anything else to talk with me. We had a great conversation during my visit there. Did you know that the average office chair is 10 years old? It's simple! Just do what I did, go to Furniture.com and buy a new one. They have great deals! And the couches were in the living room, not in a waiting room waiting to be delivered to your house. Even better, there was a couch with a few cushions that looked perfect for my living room! And they were really cheap! I couldn't believe it . My living room just got a whole lot more comfortable and look so much nicer with these couches. 

Every apartment has one of those cheap chairs from Wal-Mart or Target, but my apartment has never been so nice before. With these new couches, my apartment is the place where everyone wants to hang out. My neighbors can't stop praising me on how great these new couches look in their living rooms. 

You can't afford to buy furniture at furniture stores. 

The best deal I got was $250 sofa. They were having a huge sale, so the cost of everything was the same as it would be at regular stores. Well, if you can afford to pay $100 for a cheap sofa, then you should be able to pay $250 for a nice couch. You can go there and come home with one for much less than what it would cost at regular furniture stores . It's not like buying clothes or pots and pans where you don't know how much they will cost before you actually walk out the door. You can sit on these couches and check them out before you buy them. There was one couch there that looked perfect for my living room. It was one of those large sectional couches that has a great look. I knew the price, just wished it wasn't $400! I could have bought four nice chairs and still come home with a couch for much less than the cost at regular furniture stores just by buying it there. The best thing is, they don't serve food , so you don't have to worry about getting sick from sitting on a dirty kitchen table for hours on end .

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