Confronting Racial Injustice in the Bed Industry


The idea of racial justice may be familiar to any of you who have ever spent time with the homeless, or anyone who has watched a show like “Unsolved Mysteries.” The idea that poor and minority women are systematically discriminated against in the industry and that this isn’t a new problem is something many people are familiar with, but few are talking about it. In this episode, I discuss the racial injustices that exist in the bed industry.

The bed industry is a business that is a lucrative one for certain companies like Mattress Firm, Sleep Number, and the like. It has a lot going for it, but it also has a lot of racial inequalities. For example, women of color make up less than 5% of the workforce, yet Black women are still made to sleep on the same bed as white women at a much higher rate.

In this episode, I focus on one of those racial inequality issues:

The lack of racial diversity in the bed industry. The only people who have enough of a clue about what is happening are people who have been in the bed industry for a while and who know what they’re talking about. When you’re in the bed industry, you are going to encounter white people, Black people, Asian people, and Hispanic people.

In the early days of the Bed Industry, it was pretty clear that racial diversity was a problem. It’s still clear today, but it’s a different problem. The problem is that these people think they know what’s wrong, when the problem is that they don’t even know what the problem is. You can’t blame them for not knowing how to do something.

It's just that, as a Bed Industry, you’re really just running into people who are actually in a race to one of these problems. I think that's what the developers are trying to do. They want to make sure that black people are the ones who can be turned into racist.

It’s hard to say if this is a problem for black people, but it’s certainly a problem for anyone who isn’t white, in bed, or at the top of a hierarchy. If you’re at the top of a hierarchy, you can get away with just about anything. You just have to be a jerk. The only way you can succeed at something is if you’re a jerk.

The problem with the bed industry in North America is that it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that just takes money, power, and fame from a certain class of people, and there’s a lot of racism in it. If you’re a black man wanting to get into bed with a white woman, you can get away with anything. It doesn’t take much to get a white woman to talk down to you.

The bed industry is a huge business.

It’s the most profitable sex industry in the US. It’s the fastest-growing industry in the US. It’s also the most racist sex industry in America. The people who make money are white, and they have white partners. It’s about as likely that a black man gets a white woman to talk down to as it is a white man getting a black woman to talk down to a black man. The problem is it doesn’t even matter that a woman’s race is the topic of conversation, it still doesn’t change the fact that when a woman is talking down to a black man, it’s about her race.

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