How To Get People To Like Furniture.


Furniture is another area that is often overlooked.

There are so many great pieces of furniture out there and it is easy to overlook how much of an impact they can have on your home. From the first time I sat down to my desk, I felt like I was on a stage. Furniture has such a huge impact on your home and it is no wonder why so many homeowners go through the hassle of trying to re-create their home.

The problem is that it’s not only “noise,” it’s also “stuff.”

You have to deal with the noise from your TV, your stereo, your music, your computer, and other electronics, but the furniture is another area where noise can get in the way of your productivity. Furniture is often the final piece of the puzzle that needs to happen before your home can truly become the home that you want it to be.

We’ve been making our house the home that we want it to be for years, so many of our clients have told us they’ve been able to take their existing furniture, and make it the kind of home they’ve always dreamed of, with this new furniture. My favorite example is by a client whose grandparents are visiting. After a few months of building, they took the furniture to their new home and just loved every bit of it.

This kind of personal satisfaction is a great motivator, and we often get people to make this kind of change in their lives. It’s a shame though that this type of home upgrade often comes from an emotional investment rather than a rational one. A home upgrade that is rushed and just feels good is something that we see a lot of.

This is what I think we lose when we make a rational choice to upgrade a home.

There is a high emotional investment in a piece of furniture, for example. When we choose to fix something that feels like a “fix”, we are actually making a change that does not have to be that big a deal. If we spend 2 hours a week on fixing a cup of coffee, we are making a huge change that has the potential to make a big difference.

What happens to all that hard work and emotional investment when a piece of furniture can’t be fixed in time? If we don’t replace it in time, we will be leaving a hole in your house that will last for decades. You might even forget that there were any furniture in the house in the first place.

Fixing furniture is an important part of what we do at A-Frame.

But we also fix things that aren’t furniture. For example, we fix appliances like dishwashers and microwaves. We fix phones and computers. We fix televisions and surround sound systems and car stereos. We fix toys and art supplies. We fix things that don’t matter but we are still fixing them. Furniture is one of those things that seem to be so ubiquitous we forget to think about it at times. But it’s one of those things that’s important to our customers, and so we take the time to fix it. We have a team of well-trained professionals who’re trained in the art of furniture repair and restoration. We have a team of in-house experts who have over twenty years of experience in the field of furniture repair.

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