Why Is Furniture Considered Underrated?


Furniture is an important part of life.

 It can help people sleep, eat, and work; it provides a comfortable place to relax and read or watch TV. Furniture can be found in every room of the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the garage. Furniture is so important that without it we would struggle with day-to-day tasks.

It is equally important to consider the poor quality of our furniture. 

The majority of furniture is made from wood, which comes from trees. It is destroyed in manufacturing and then turned into lumber before being changed into products that are used by us. Some products are made from polystyrene, which comes from the oil refinery process. This process uses an incredible amount of energy, which is also transferred back to oil companies in the form of foreign currency for most countries.

The problem is most people don't realize how bad this is for them or how it effects their health and environmental issues. These items are very harmful to both animals and human beings, causing many diseases through contact with wood dust. Animals such as cows and horses breathe in these materials on a daily basis, causing life-changing diseases such as Mad Cow disease, Lyme's Disease, and many more. Humans can also get this disease from these animals and breathing in the same air.

This is why people should try to reuse items instead of buying new ones.

 If they wanted something new or different they could have gone to a store and bought something else. By reusing the item we conserve natural resources, we reduce manufacturing waste and we help our environment by not producing new products that would slowly get thrown into landfills or go into the ocean if they weren't used within a year.

Because so many people are purchasing new furniture, manufactures are now trying to produce more cheaply and with less quality. Some manufacturers will hire children as young as eight years old to do the production of their products instead of paying adults because it is much cheaper. They will then use even more hazardous materials in these items to produce them cheaply.

This is why the average American family now spends $1350 on furniture each year. Many families do not realize how much they spend on furniture each year, which is why they do not consider it an area to cut back on or save money on. By spending only $275 per person per year people would be able to make significant changes in their lives and help the environment become better than ever before.

Furniture can be a great help to us, but it is also a burden. In order to make our planet better, we must reduce the amount of furniture people buy and reuse as much as possible. This will also allow people to save money and spend those dollars on other more important things they may need.

In order for this idea to become more popular, we can create a new program where students can earn money by helping their community find adequate reusing items instead of buying new ones. They could earn double the amount they would have spent on a used item with whatever money is left over going into savings or being donated to charities that need funding desperately.

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