Why Is Outdoor Considered Underrated?

For most of us, it can be difficult to think of a reason why outdoor is underrated. The sun is shining and the weather is just perfect for summertime adventures. However, if you're looking to get more than vitamin D and some exercise out of your time outdoors, this blog post will give you the scoop on how to make the most out of your adventure.

" Mashable"'s Tim Gattuso shares his thoughts on what type of things the outdoor industry needs to attract consumers to buy products beyond hiking boots and fishing tackle, like smartwatches and drones. (Here's what drone makers want for your dollar.) He writes: "Outdoor enthusiasts need better content, pricing, features, pricing and distribution. Breaking these down into more manageable categories, we had to discover that the gear and activity mix is antiquated and the ecosystem is fragmented. It makes it difficult for consumers to make smart purchasing decisions."

I can't disagree with Tim. Outdoor enthusiasts need better content, pricing, features, pricing and distribution. If you're new to hiking or camping, for example, it can be confusing as to where to begin (especially as a first-timer). For instance: Should I wear a backpack or a daypack? What kind of tent should I buy? How do I best prepare myself and my gear before my trip? Or if you're an experienced hiker or camper: Should I invest in some new camping equipment (e.g. a backpack, tent, sleeping bag)? Or maybe you're a current smartphone owner who wants to learn more about the outdoor activities they can do.

What type of things can you do to make the most out of your adventure?

(1) Get social:

 You can join a hiking or camping community on or offline that shares photos and videos from past trips. Plus, there are a ton of channels on YouTube where you can learn tips and tricks about new outdoor activities. Also, don't forget to follow friends and family on social media as they usually share content from their adventures as well.

 (2) Be consistent: 

If it's your first time going hiking or camping by yourself, choose one activity at a time. Once you get the hang of it, try something else. For example, you can start with a day hike or camping trip to do one activity then move on to another activity. It's important to move forward at a consistent pace.

 (3) Look for inspiration: 

There are lots of informative videos and articles online that show how others have done what you want to do or are planning to do. The best part about these are that they often give great advice on what gear is needed, what conditions are optimal for specific activities, etc. Another way to find inspiration is by looking at photos from other hikers and campers who've done the "same" thing as you're planning to do. You can also partner up with someone who has experience so they can help you out along the way.

 (4) Get outdoors: 

This may be hard to do if you live in a place that's not warm or sunny year-round. However, perhaps you can plan a trip to somewhere that has four seasons then try an outdoor activity for each season. Or, take your dog on daily walks to start getting them familiar with being outdoors.

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